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Technology that's transforming HR in 2013

Technology is changing the HR world and it's a trend that's likely to continue in 2013. We speak to Andy Cross of Ambition and Simone Carroll of REA Group for their thoughts on how you can adapt to rapid developments in the industry.

Video transcript below:

Donna Sawyer, HC TV
Donna Sawyer:
 Technology is rapidly changing the HR world and it’s a trend that’s likely to continue in 2013.  Andy Cross of Ambition says social media and big data are the buzz words of the moment, especially in recruitment.

Andy Cross, Ambition
Andy Cross:  We have seen a big focus on social media this year and as I touched upon this notion of everybody being connected or connectible and next year I think we will see people start to have to look at how they filter through all our available data, all the social media content, all the self user generated content and there will be  issues around how valid some that data is and there will be issues around how to use just the masses of data to get to the right candidate for the right job at the right time.  So data aggravation I think will be big.  Big data this year is probably the biggest buzz word only behind social media and now that we are starting to collect all this data on consumer trends and employing and hiring decisions and the like, I think we will start to see the tools to manipulate some of that data, start to filter down from big corporate businesses to the consumer and to the SME market.  So that will be exciting.
Donna Sawyer:  And with the rise and rise of social media there are also factors that HR will need to be on top of.  
Andy Cross:  I think security will continue to play a big role next year as well as people start to realise that there is an inherent risk with you posting all of your preferences and your likes and dislikes online and for corporates this attitude that people have taken to their facebook and to their twitter page, is a danger if they bring that into the business themselves as well.  
Simone Carroll:  You’ve got now people who are starting out businesses very cheaply using technology that very quickly turn into multi million dollar digital businesses as a result of technology advancement.  The challenge for leadership now is, “how do I encourage these people who understand technology, who are more than capable of developing a business of their own bat, very much linked to their own purpose and link them to my purpose”.
Donna Sawyer:  Simone Carroll of REA Group says one of the biggest challenges organisations face is attracting and retaining the best and brightest minds, many of whom could easily make it on their own.  
Simone Carroll, REA Group
Simone Carroll:  We are working now in a world where anyone can be the next Zuckerberg if want, if they are the first to have the idea very cheaply for under a $1,000, you can create a great website and then you can put content on it, because then all you are going to do is create a little algorithm that sends a little spider out calling the web to pull in that content and put it into your website, it’s a pretty easy way to get a website started.  You just got to have a really great idea.  So how do you get that creativity, that idea focused on your problem as a business, the thing that you want to solve.  So now as a leader what you have got to do is tap into the psyche of the individual and that’s what, that’s what really interesting about leadership.  Because telling people that they must do something doesn’t cut it anymore, because they say, “no, I want to, I don’t understand who you are, why would I want to give my ideas away to you, are you going to help me in doing this”.  They are looking for that immediate payoff.
Donna Sawyer:  This is Donna Sawyer reporting for HC TV.