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Successfully implementing HR technology

HCTV speaks to Vanessa Porter of Staging Connections, winners of the 2013 HR Award for Best Use of Technology, about how they achieved such success in integrating technology into their HR strategy. 

Video transcript below:

Vanessa Porter, General Manager of HR for Staging Connections, NSW
Vanessa Porter:
 With the IT team, I guess what I am looking for, is how they can creatively solve problems particularly around integration.  I am not a technical whiz at all, but I know what the business needs and so I go to them for a particular advice and support.  What we’ve recently done is, we have implemented a PeopleStreme system called Drumroll, that’s what we call it internally because it’s like your function centre, the employee there.  So what that’s about is really showing that everybody in the organisation is aligned to where we are going, so they understand what they are working on this day to day basis, how that contributes overall to the team, the department and therefore how the organisation is going.  So they have those priorities put in place, which are regularly reviewed to make sure we are all focused heading in the same direction as well as also understanding what they are good at and how they can continue to leverage that and also opportunities for development.

We wanted to make it really easy for our staff to access this system.  We have got a really geographically dispersed team and also very mobile.  We are on 24/7, so what I needed to make sure is that everybody could access this system at any time of day or night and they could do that from home or from work or out on site.  So making sure that single sign on occurred and that the system had a lot of security around that access, I had to liaise with the IT team and get them involved to work with PeopleStreme hand in hand to make sure that occurred and it did and it was very seamless.

The other thing that was really important with us rolling out this performance management system was ensuring that the training was spot on.  So we invested a lot of time going out to the people and ensuring that we were really clear and got them to not only understand the principles behind performance management, but get to play around with the system in that demo site, so it was safe before they then went back to their own workplace and used it.  So I think that was a real key.  I guess the most important thing is knowing that we are here to support the business.  So understanding really what their needs are by being close to the business, being out there and seeing how it’s going to work in practice and make sure that you pilot it upfront, then you get the feedback, you refine it before you do a mass spread out.  So that’s really been the key to our success is getting people involved along the way, communicating it to them, make sure that the managers know beforehand fully briefed before they then roll it out to the next level down.  So yeah that’s what we do, it’s just about constant communication and building those relationships throughout.

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