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Rose Clements an Australian HR Award winner

Rose Clements from Microsoft took home the prestigious HR Director of the Year title at last year’s Australian HR Awards. We caught up with Rose to find out why she thinks getting a seat at the table is no longer relevant.

Video transcript below:

Rose Clements, Microsoft
Rose Clements:  I really looked at the calibre of people that were up for the award and I never imagined that it was going to be me.  So completely overwhelmed, that’s incredible.  Very proud, it’s been great fun.  We’ve had a really excellent table of people, a number of people that have been up for different awards, we have all been backing each other and cheering for each other and it’s just been a lot of fun tonight. 
I think so much of what we do in HR is actually about being the silent hero so often in the work that we do and we let the managers and leaders of the business and other employees really feel good about what they do, but we are in the background, we are orchestrating it.  So it’s great to have a night like tonight that allows us to you know, frock up and celebrate the things that what we know we do really well.