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National HR Summit 2014: Sydney

With only one week to go until the National HR Summit is held at Sydney's Luna Park, time is running out to book your place! Don't miss out on the Asia-Pacific's leading Human Resources event!

Video transcript below:

Vijay Kashyap, Campari, Australia
Vijay Kashyap:
 Our job in human resources is to provide business solutions on a very tricky issue, which is people.  

Vanessa Porter, NRL
Vanessa Porter:
 I guess the most important thing is knowing that we are here to support the business.  So understanding really what their needs are by being close to the business.  

Susan Henry, Starlight Foundation
Susan Henry:
 It’s about creating the conditions for success, shaping the culture, driving alignments, inspiring and motivating the leadership team and equipping them with the strategies, tools and processes they need.

Melanie Tunbridge, SBS
Melanie Tunbridge:
 We need to remain relevant and we need to remain conscious of what we are doing and what we are adding to the business.  If we can’t bring something that’s relevant to the table, you are very quickly going to be put on.

Award Winner:  I am thrilled, thank very much for having me here.

Simone Carroll, REA Group
Simone Caroll:
 Society is changing, what we’ve got to do in HR is allow people to bring some humanity to business, to connect more with the purpose.

Steve Johnson, Transfirmation Partners
Steve Johnson:
 HR Directors need to be involved in business strategy from the word GO.  So it’s important that HR Directors equip themselves with the capabilities to make a real contribution to business strategy.

Dr. Peter O’Hanlon, OneTest
Dr. Peter O’Hanlon:
 In the years ahead, yes I think analytics capability and competency will be absolutely core, fundamental part of HR.

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