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L&D initiatives worth their weight in gold

In the absence of offering the big bucks, L&D opportunities are worth their weight in gold. In this week’s HCTV we speak to Kate Bergin of Hilton about how this global company believes in the benefits of focusing its energy on individual development.

Video transcript below

Stephanie Zillman:  In the absence of offering the big bucks, learning and development opportunities are worth their weight in gold.  Kate Bergin of Hilton says L&D is a key offering in the HR tool kit.
Kate Bergin, Hilton Australia
Kate Bergin:  Training is very important, it’s integral to the hotel industry.  I think everyone knows we are not great payers.  However, what we can do is certainly develop people in an L&D perspective.  We have an inhouse, I have certainly at Hilton Sydney inhouse L&D manager.  My Human Resources Manager also trains, I have payroll managers who train, I do some training.  We, it’s really coming from the hotel itself. Occasionally we will go outside for specialist knowledge, but generally it’s all done within Hilton.  And we have fantastic support from Hilton Worldwide, amazing support.
Stephanie Zillman:  For Bergin a good L&D program doesn’t just involve the odd staff training day, it’s an ongoing strategy which can take many forms. 
Kate Bergin: L&D is not just a training course, it’s not just a walk in and sit down and learn something, it’s also about contributing ideas, sharing ideas and we have this fabulous blog, part blog, part facebook program called H360.  It’s global, all our team members have the opportunity to contribute, also to see things like ideas of the week, videos of the week and just share what’s happening in their properties, share the good things that they are doing, the special promotions or whatever it could be, that’s really setting them apart from other hotels.  So yeah we have this great forum for doing that.
Stephanie Zillman: L&D also plays a key role in organisational cultural development and for Bergin it’s an ongoing passion.  
Kate Bergin:  We identified and named our culture which is called Blue Energy.  Just like you know blue stands for our, or represents our brand colour blue and the energy is the passion, the excitement, the life force that you get when you come into a Hilton hotel and interact with our team members and that’s how we came up with Blue Energy.  So one thing we’ve done is articulate that culture and we also put training programs around it and challenges around it.  So every month we get a challenge set up by Hilton Worldwide and the challenge for that month will be something to do, in relation to our values and that’s how we ensure that team members understand our values and live our values.  It’s fine to be able to quickly roll off what the values are but unless you are living them it goes nowhere.
Stephanie Zillman:  This is Stephanie Zillman reporting for HC TV.