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Australia needs to push its online learning strategies

Glenn Nott of Skillsoft Asia Pacific discusses the surprising findings of Skillsoft's recent L+D research paper.

Video transcript below:

Glenn Nott, VP & MD, Skillsoft Asia Pacific
Glenn Nott:
 So the main driver behind us going out and engaging an independent third party to go and survey and speak to our customers was really, we were struggling to find this sort of data, the data that we wanted to share with our customers about their usage and their buying patterns and the way in which their learners utilise learning material, we just fell short in terms of market data.  We could find information in the US that had elements of Asia Pacific you know in it.  And I cited a particular report as part of our session this morning, but nothing that was really focused on the ANZ market and that really what drove us to go out and do that.

I think there were several surprises, you know for me to be honest.  I think the most alarming one, surprising one and one that we need to sort of help our customers address, is their usage and adoption of e-learning. When I say that, we found as part of the report that while many companies are making the investment in e-learning and starting to blend their e-learning programs into their classroom – instructor led training programs, that the lack of push when implementing was a real surprise.  That was really down low versus the organisations who have adopted it.  It kind of came out that a lot of organisations there present who participated in the report, kind of tick boxed and said hey that’s my job done of implementing, of putting there and obviously and clearly that’s not the case, it needs to be pushed, it needs to be marketed and you know as a result of that when we interviewed the learners themselves, they found that when it wasn’t pushed, when it wasn’t marketed they didn’t feel as though they were loved by the organisation and sort of we recorded very low rates in terms of their response to how the organisation cared for them and looked after them and you know had an interest in their own development.  

They are crying out for more learning to be put on to tablets, to ipads, to you know their PDAs, their iphones etc.  The interesting thing that the report revealed though is when you go back and ask the same question of the learning development / HR professional, you kind of got almost totally opposite responses.  The learning and development professionals either don’t understand the delivery mechanism or they are getting blocked by their IT functions, you know because of security and the example that I like to use is, you know at Skillsoft I can go into an executive meeting with my peers and my colleagues and our CEO and people who have a mobile phone, an ipad, a tablet, a laptop and probably one or two other devices, but only two of those are supported by our IT group.

But this is what the learners are crying at for and embracing.  They want that devices they use as a consumer to also be the same device they use in a corporate world as a learner, so yeah at the moment there is a little bit of a disconnect.