‘Work hot’ or not?

by Cameron Edmond21 Jun 2013

Some workers find themselves unable to hold down a job due to being romantically pursued by their co-workers, as previously reported by HC. Even those who aren’t exceptionally attractive might be considered more so when in the workplace – a situation known as ‘work hot’, News Ltd reported.

The community website urbandictionary.com has a few definitions of the term ‘work hot’, including “When there is a good-looking male or female at your job, that on the outside would not be so hot,” and “A person that may or may not be hot, but is the most attractive person in the set of people you work with so you lust after him/her”.

Whether it is their unattainability, the confirmation that they hold down a job, or simply because they are being contrasted against cubical walls and computer screens, men and women in workplace may find their level of ‘attractiveness’ elevated when in the office, despite not quite looking like Brad Pitt or Christina Hendricks.

Although there is a chuckle to be had at the term, ‘work hot’ can become a serious problem, as it did Laura Fernee, who feels unable to hold down a job due to her co-workers over stepping the boundaries. "The truth is my good looks have caused massive problems for me when it comes to employment, so I’ve made the decision that employment just isn’t for me at the moment,” she said.

Kate Southam, a workplace blogger, told News Ltd that employees need to be careful not to take things too far in the office. "Just be careful as this (behaviour) can turn from work hot to work not very quickly and what can start as harmless flirting can end up humiliating yourself or someone else," she said.


  • by Sylvia 24/06/2013 9:55:48 AM

    Not this Laura chick again! I saw a number of images of her, and I didn't think she was that great looking. Pretty in an insipid way, I would say.

    Well, seeing as I'm too good-looking to work myself, I'll go and resign right now. Of course, this is a load of hogwash as I'm now over 40, and although we have all this so-called age discrimination criteria, it's very sad that older women these days (pretty or not) are lucky to even get an interview, let alone a job because of their age.

    Why don't we tackle the seriousness of age discrimination for women in the labour market and the stupid laws these politicians come up with, which don't help older workers in the first place and forget about looks?

    Signing off as a good-looking, older chick who would love to have a long line of younger men at work after her. At least, unlike poor, little Laura, I'd know how to handle them.