Tweeting the end of the world

by Rose Sneyd21 Dec 2012

Today is apparently the last day of life as we know it, and the end of the human race would be a disaster for HRM.

But so far, the world doesn’t appear to have ended, at least not in Australia. You can now safely return to your New Year’s resolutions for recruiting top talent, improving onboarding strategies, and better engaging employees.

The Mayan prophecy did, however, prove excellent fodder for comedic Twitterers. So, in memory of the apocalypse that never was, here are some of the best Mayan prophecy tweets.

Ten Best Mayan prophecy tweets:

  1. John Elerick (@johnelerick): historians discover that the mayans invented trolling more than 2000 years ago.
  2. Chris Regan (@ChrisRRegan): #Mayans are trending. What a comeback! Take that, Spain!
  3. Ashley Forrest (@AHRMG): People are telling apocalypse jokes like there's no tomorrow
  4. Grumpy Cat (@VeryGrumpyCat): I believe in you #Mayans...
  5. Carolinareader (@carolinareader): @VeryGrumpyCat someone is going to be extra extra grumpy tomorrow
  6. NCN (@nikkibama): On December 21st, ALL power companies should turn off everyone’s power for 20 minutes just to watch people freak out. #Mayans
  7. Ed Simons (@eddychemical): Just bought some milk with a best before date way beyond tomorrow, the audacity of hope #apocalypse
  8. Adam Isacson (@adamisacson): Writing a parenting guide on “How to Mock Your Child’s Concerns about the Mayan Apocalypse.” Part of my “How To Mock Your Child” series.
  9. Scott Friedstein (@ScottFriedstein): I honestly can't buy into the prophecies of a sect that worships 90's R&B singer Maya.
  10. Nick Kristof (@NickKristof): Friday has just arrived here in China, and I'm delighted to live-tweet the end of the world. It's stunning! You'll neve