Tales from the trenches: HR veteran reveals all!

by Cameron Edmond05 Jul 2013

A former HR executive has posted on xojane.com her experiences as a HR professional, and why she won’t be returning to the industry any time soon.

Kristen Booker, who worked in HR for 15 years,  outlined some of the crazier antics she saw in her time as an HR exec.

Some of HC’s favourite situations Booker found herself dealing with are:

  • Answering a complaint about execs “snorting blow” off an intern’s stomach in the office.
  • Watching over an executive on a remote project because of his affairs. Booker was told, “If you even hear a zipper go down, your career is going down with it.”
  • An admin assistant who wore underwear outside her clothes, and came in on casual Friday with teased hair, a merry widow and played the “Purple Rain” soundtrack repeatedly. She also did an interpretive dance when she was terminated.
  • (As a recruiter) having a candidate follow her home, handing her his resume in her driveway and asking for the job right there. He waited for her to “change her mind” until she called the police.
  • Being threatened into covering for a co-worker while she went out to have sex with her husband.

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