Sex at work? No big deal...

by 14 Jun 2013

Although you could be forgiven for thinking romps at the office were simply the stuff of US sit-coms, it seems sex in your office might be a bit more common than you think. What’s more surprising is the number of employees who are all for it.

Here are some more stats that Business Insider uncovered:

  • 64% felt managers shouldn’t be allowed to have sex with their subordinates.
  • 35% admitted to sleeping with subordinates.
  • 14% said they slept with their boss.
  • 92% believed HR don’t need to know about any workplace relationships.
  • 74% said they’ve been hit on by colleagues...
  • ...And 64% admitted to doing it.
  • 48% of those who had slept with a co-worker did so at the office.
  • 71% said it didn’t impact their productivity.
  • 15% claimed it improved their productivity.

Is workplace romance ok, or should office-space lovers wait until they’ve left work?


  • by Dean P 19/06/2013 1:25:53 AM

    Well, times have changed. Is this a result of growing up having friends with benefits so now we have co-workers WB? No mention of whether these are single/divorced co-worker/supervisors or not. When a supvr/boss is involved it seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  • by CraigM 19/06/2013 3:35:05 AM

    We had a "Quiet Room" where employees could go for a few minutes of solitude. We had to close it shortly after opening it.

    Our security guards reported that it had been co-opted into a "Family Planning" room on a daily and nightly basis.

  • by Narayan 19/06/2013 10:42:39 PM

    We too had a room for short rest (if one had a head ache or upset stomach, etc.) in the office. But it was used differently at night times and had to be shut after a few were caught in unpleasant and embarrassing incidents by building security.