Recruiting for jobs in Antarctica

by HCA24 May 2013

The Australian Antarctic Division is calling for Aussie workers to live on the iciest continent in the world – and it’s no FIFO arrangement. Workers must commit to living in Antarctica for up to 15 months.

Antarctica veteran Graham Cook, 63, who is based at Mawson station for the coming winter, told that extreme challenges, including temperatures as low as minus 35C, were the best part about life on the ice. "It is a great lifestyle, so different from any other job. You are always learning, and riding vehicles out on a sea of ice is amazing," he said. "There is the ability to experience some crazy weather conditions and there is always the auroras to see. The isolation can affect some people, but that's the challenge."

Positions will be available at Casey, Davis, Macquarie Island and Mawson stations. Workers can enjoy a salary of up to $180,000 a year – there’s just no where to spend it!