Office prank goes Jurassic

by Cameron Edmond30 Aug 2013

Office pranks – when not harmful – can be a great bit of fun in tense work environments. Granted, often they are at the expense of another worker, but done properly everyone will laugh, and no one will be left emotionally scarred.

Whether or not that is the case here is yet to be revealed, as a Japanese company pranked one of its workers into thinking he was being chased by a Velociraptor. Yes, as in the dinosaur.

Broadcast on Japanese television, the prank saw the hapless victim walking down the office halls only to see a mass of his co-workers fleeing. After brief confusion, he was confronted with someone in a (very convincing!) Velociraptor costume, which looked real enough to send him running.

We’ll let you make up your mind about the prank yourself: