I now pronounce you man and executive: Workplace weddings

by Cameron Edmond07 Jun 2013

As of last month, the Bank of Korea started hosting weddings for their staff.

The venue they are offering? A large ‘fortress-like’ auditorium, in which portraits of former bank governors hang. Despite security concerns in the past, the 200-capacity auditorium will be open for employees to be wed as it was during the 1990s.

"I had to spend hours explaining why the bride's waiting room had to look nice," You Hyoun-joo, a consultant hired to help prepare the auditorium for weddings, told reuters.com. You stated the staff of the bank had "little clue what to do" when it came to preparing a venue for a wedding.

Whilst getting married at your workplace might seem a bit strange here in Australia, it is a growing trend in South Korea. More and more organisations are encouraging their employees to have their nuptials at the less costly and more low-key workplace venues.

The presidential Blue House of South Korea is getting in on the festivities, too – drawing a lottery for a selection of couples to be married on its grounds.