Hello, my bra size is a C-cup

by Iain Hopkins12 Apr 2013

When does “personalised service” go too far?

A Swedish lingerie store has been reprimanded over a requirement to have female staff members state their name, chest measurement and cup size on their name tag.

The company Change said they dreamt up the requirement as a quirky way to make the issue of bra sizes "less dramatic" for customers – but an employment discrimination tribunal didn’t quite see it that way.

The lingerie retailer was taken to task by a staff member who claimed the requirement was discriminatory and a violation of her dignity. The Swedish Labour Court agreed, and according to the ruling, the company was ordered to pay 50,000 kronor ($7,470) in damages, as well as the plaintiff's legal fees.

“It's a pleasing judgment...It's also a great victory for the integrity of all employees,” a spokeswoman for the Commercial Employees’ Union, Jaana Paalsson, told Swedish news agency TT.


  • by HC 12/04/2013 2:50:17 PM

    How ironic that a company trying to make it more acceptable for buyers to talk about their bra size gets stung by a staff member thinking it is a violation of her dignity. As for discrimination, she wasn't in any way disadvantaged about it.

  • by Size does matter 12/04/2013 6:16:28 PM

    Hmmmm and if you were selling condoms??

    Asking people to display their personal measurements is not appropriate.