‘Boners and dufuses’: How not to get a job

by Cameron Edmond29 Nov 2013
They say everyone experiments in college, and this poor guy experimented with trash talking potential recruiters. Hey, we all make mistakes.

When out at a bar dubbed ‘Fratty Kips’, a bright-eyed student looking to get into the world of investment banking met up with some guys from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) and had a chat about working for their firm, Business Insider reported.

Well, he decided to send his new ‘bros’ an email about the “chill night at Fratty Kips” he had, in which he didn’t have anything nice to say about another Wall Street firm, Wells Fargo IB (WFIB). The email read:

“Hey [REDACTED] what’s good, it’s [REDACTED]. Last night at Kips chilling with you was a good time and a great start to the week lol! I went to the Wells Fargo IB info session tonight and they were all a bunch of boners, the experience didn’t compare. I’d love to continue the recruit process with BAML, do you have any suggestions that could help me in the application process? Any advice/help would be much appreciated. My resume is attached.

“Great to meet you, hope to talk again soon bro!”

Well, the recipient didn’t find the tone of the email particularly nice, and sent it on to his colleagues and friends in the industry, including some of the fine folk at WFIB.

It doesn’t look like the poor guy is getting offers from anyone on Wall Street soon, one respondent explicitly stating “I don’t think this kid should get an offer”. But hey, who wants to work for a bunch of boners, anyway?


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