The lighter side

  • How to lead like Maggie Thatcher by Rose Sneyd

    Whatever you think of her politics, the Iron Lady sure had a distinctive leadership style. What lessons are there to be learned from it?

  • Boss ever asked you to carry her child? by HCA,Rose Sneyd

    One quarter of employees receive requests from their bosses to do non work-related tasks, and some of them are pretty out there.

  • Hello, my bra size is a C-cup by Iain Hopkins

    While it’s perfectly common for name tags in major department stores to display flags denoting an employee’s foreign language capabilities – it’s less common for stores to demand bra size also be included.

  • Ambulances to transport busy execs by Iain Hopkins

    Sitting in traffic when you’re late for a meeting is frustrating for anyone, but entrepreneurial ambulance drivers are getting proactive about the problem.

  • Five things leaders can’t do without by Rose Sneyd

    Successful business leaders are known for their eccentricities, and the choice of travel companions appears to be no exception.

  • Time to fire men, and people with PhDs by Rose Sneyd

    An annual survey on time-wasting at work has revealed that more employees are wasting time on a daily basis this year than last year. Time to panic?

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