The lighter side

  • Graduate hopes to ‘kick start’ career by Rose Sneyd

    A recent communications graduate has launched a Kickstarter-inspired resume that offers rewards to those who share it across social media platforms.

  • Worst first day: swearing on live TV by Caitlin Nobes

    A.J. Clemente’s first words as an anchor on a live news show were a bit blue – and there was no time for beeping.

  • UK CEO shares the largesse by Rose Sneyd

    In a gesture that may renew some people’s faith in executive integrity, the CEO of UK retailer Next will share his multi-million bonus with 19,400 employees.

  • Where you stand in the lift is indicative of status by Stephanie Zillman

    If you think heading straight to the back of the lift is meaningless – think again. New Australian based research has uncovered the secret power plays going up and down around the country.

  • Sweet farewell: this resignation takes the cake by Caitlin Nobes

    Resignations can illicit feelings of relief or panic depending on the individual, but it’s hard to stay mad if the consolation is a piece of cake.

  • Yucky kitchen, disinterested employees? by Caitlin Nobes

    Does the state of the work kitchen indicate how much your employees care about the office, and their job?

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