The lighter side

  • 'Drunk' host removed from air by Caitlin Nobes

    Last days at work aren’t easy, but indulging in a little Dutch courage is likely to turn out badly for everyone – as one UK radio host discovered first hand.

  • Slothful Britons incite Boris' ire by Rose Sneyd

    If you’re British and you’re reading this, then you should get back to work in order to up Britain’s per capita productivity, according to London’s mayor.

  • How to manage women at work – the 1940s way by Rose Sneyd

    In an excerpt from the July 1943 edition of a publication called 'Transportation Magazine', male supervisors received some useful advice about managing women in the workplace.

  • Call me Jo: shorter name = higher pay by Iain Hopkins

    If a recent study is to be believed, every extra letter in a person’s first name may reduce his or her annual salary by US$3,600.

  • Zombies don’t know better, but you should by

    A group of imaginative Winnipeg students have created a winning workplace safety video featuring a zombie.

  • Pick a career path with this 1960s board game by Rose Sneyd

    This 50-year old board game, “What Shall I Be?”, had girls excitedly collecting school, subject and personality cards towards different professions.

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