The lighter side

  • Twitter faces fake tweet backlash by Siobhan Leathley

    Social networking giant Twitter has been forced to apologise for faking real users’ tweets.

  • So you fancy working for the secret service? by HCA

    Looking for “interesting challenges when it comes to health and safety”? Britain’s MI5 could have the job for you, but they can’t give much detail.

  • SME owner brings the noise by Cameron Edmond

    A former SME operator has taken to the streets with a lyrical smack-down to raise awareness of “small business blues”.

  • Kung Fu classes to combat violent customers by HCA

    A Hong Kong company has introduced martial arts classes for its front-line staff to defend against angry passengers.

  • Fired for a tweet by HCA

    A New York food truck company has met angry backlash and calls for a boycott for firing an employee who Tweet-shamed non-tipping customers.

  • Facebook job-seeker offers $500 by Cameron Edmond

    An unemployed woman searching for work opted for a new spin on social media to try to land a position.

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