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  • Pitch for the pay rise you deserve by Human Capital

    Are HR professionals so busy looking after other people’s pay that they don’t look after their own? HC reveals how to ask for the raise you deserve

  • HR lessons from Dr Seuss by Tammy Buckley

    Children have learnt many moral lessons from the pages of Dr Seuss books, but if you were to reread those books you’ll find many of those lessons can be applied to HR.

  • ​Why people stay: How to keep your best employees by External

    Retention of high-performing employees is critical to maintaining and enhancing an organisation’s competitive advantage in difficult economic times. Insync Surveys’ latest research paper, Why People Stay: How to Keep Your Best Employees, looks at what makes employees more likely to stay with their employers

  • The exit interview answer all HR managers dread by Human Capital

    It's the one piece of feedback that HR managers hear in exit interviews over and over... and by the time we find out, it's too late. HC investigates.

  • 4 clever ways for HR to demonstrate value by HCA

    It’s important to find ways to demonstrate to staff that they are both valued and valuable. Try some of these top tips.

  • Where are your staff’s priorities? by Cameron Edmond

    Even your most loyal staff could walk if the price is right, but money's not the only option to help keep your top team together.

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