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  • HR salaries: Who’s making the most money? by Janie Smith

    Find out what various HR roles are paying and which jobs are in the highest demand, according to a new salary and employment forecast.

  • Why free food may not be a great perk by Juliette Willow

    Failed hires are more likely to be attributable to inefficient processes than small perks, according to research.

  • ​Good to Great : Reinventing HR at Kimberly-Clark by Iain Hopkins

    During Kimberly-Clark’s transformation, CHRO Liz Gottung took centre stage in driving a massive change initiative that resulted in a rise in stock price and turnaround in employee sentiment. HRD finds out how the company did it

  • Technology and HR: What you need to know by Janie Smith

    Technology is changing the way we practice HR. Christopher Bahr, vice president, worldwide smarter workforce, IBM, shares his advice on HR technology.

  • HR careers: Plugging the hole in your CV by Janie Smith

    Climbing the career ladder can be tricky if you find yourself short on desired experience. HC looks at what companies want to see on your CV and how you can get it.

  • Lessons from HR leaders and CEOs by Janie Smith

    Leighton Holdings, Raytheon, Diageo – why are these companies so successful? And how can you apply what they do to your own organisation?

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