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  • Work flexibility: how much is too much? by Chloe Taylor

    A recent study has found that teleworking could improve employee retention and performance, but does that mean it's right for your company?

  • Employees (still) leave leaders – not organisations by Sarah Megginson

    It’s one of the oldest adages in HR circles – employees leave bad bosses, not companies. HRM investigates the continuing role of ineffective leadership in staff turnover.

  • Preparing for a less-loyal workforce by Sarah Megginson

    Many leaders are unprepared for the new career life cycle of their employees, which are no longer linear, stable or predictable. Are you ready?

  • US, Canada struggling to attract A-list talent by Sarah Megginson

    Ready and waiting fields of quality applicants no longer exist, so where are you sourcing your top-end talent?

  • Work-Life Integration by HRD

    The issue of gender inequality in all ranks of the corporate world continues to haunt most organisations, but strides are being made. Jill Gregorie talks to two global HR leaders about the practical steps their organisations are taking to groom female leaders

  • High turnover a thing of the past? by Human Capital

    Contrary to popular belief, staff turnover rates have dropped during the past 15 years according to a new report, with more employees content to stay with employers for longer.

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