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  • The future of machine learning and human resources by Gregg Gordon

    Gregg Gordon of Kronos outlines how machine learning can produce data models that can help HR make better decisions

  • How HR can prepare for the rise of technology by John Hilton

    We talk to Jenny Dearborn, chief learning officer at SAP, about HR’s role in the workplace of the future.

  • Are your employees burnt out? by HCA

    Employers should be discussing maximum working hours and ‘job intensity’ for all workers, says a research fellow

  • Big data and the future of learning by Contributor

    Predictive modelling is set to revolutionise how organisations deliver L&D initiatives. HRD explores the latest developments and where the future might lead

  • Getting behind big, big data by Contributor

    The HR profession may have been slow to join the big data revolution, but now it’s available, and the insights provided by algorithms and machine learning will transform how decisions are managed and how people are engaged and managed

  • Mining giant wants to banish the 'boy's club' by Bloomberg

    One major company is taking diversity lessons from banks and law enforcement to achieve a gender-balanced workforce by 2025

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