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  • ​In Person: Anne Heyes by HRD

    From studying Shakespeare to driving signifi cant change initiatives in some of Australia’s most iconic organisations, Anne Heyes has drawn on her rich career and life experience to guide the Australian Red Cross Blood Service and its 3,800 employees through a complex transformation project. She takes stock with HRD

  • Lighter side: Hilarious on-the-job fails by HCA

    From recruitment ads that need a good proofing, to suggestive company logos that beggar belief, these workplace fails had us chuckling.

  • 60% of HR managers lament “talent shortage” by Sarah Megginson

    A “war for talent” is brewing as Australian organisations gear up to actively grow their workforce.

  • US, Canada struggling to attract A-list talent by Sarah Megginson

    Ready and waiting fields of quality applicants no longer exist, so where are you sourcing your top-end talent?

  • 3 steps to make LinkedIn work to your advantage by Sarah Megginson

    It's no secret that Linkedin is a valuable resource for HR, but do know how to avoid being swamped when on the recruitment trail? Here's how...

  • Form follows function: HR Models in the Spotlight by Iain Hopkins

    In 2014, businesses face unique and unprecedented challenges. Has HR positioned itself in the most effective way to meet these challenges? Iain Hopkins weighs the pros and cons of the dominant Ulrich model and looks at possible alternatives

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