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  • Is it time to review your organisation’s EVP? by Chloe Taylor

    Two experts weigh in on the continued significance of the Employee Value Proposition in 2015. Could it be time for you to give your organisation's EVP an overhaul?

  • Engage and conquer: Graduate recruitment by Chloe Taylor

    Interviews and assessments are notoriously nerve-inducing processes, particularly in the ultra-competitive graduate market. Is there a way to engage grads and also reduce the intimidation factor? Gamification might be the key, as Chloe Taylor reports.

  • Eight ways LinkedIn can help you find your next star employee by External

    Are you on the lookout for your next star employee? Do you have a definitive plan to source and recruit them? LinkedIn might be the helping hand you need. Angus Gill provides his tips for maximising what you can get from LinkedIn as a recruitment tool.

  • Are office friendships affecting your bottom line? by Nicola Middlemiss

    The biggest thing affecting your bottom line could be out of your control, according to new study – but one HR manager says otherwise.

  • Job ads – are you doing it all wrong? by Nicola Middlemiss

    Ads should outline exactly what you want from a new employee – right? One new study suggests you might have more success if you switch it up…

  • One in four workers say employers need to do more for diversity by Chloe Taylor

    Research has shown that Australian workers – particularly the younger generation – feel that their employers are not doing enough to champion cultural diversity.

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