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  • How meritocracies can promote gender-based biases by Miklos Bolza

    While appointing on merit is certainly fair, one report says it can destroy gender equality in the workplace if performed incorrectly

  • Simplifying & streamlining a complex world by External

    Technology can – and does – help HR professionals fi nd success in the boardroom. James Kissell, marketing director at WFS: A WorkForce Software Company, outlines how this can occur through streamlining workforce management processes

  • Inside ICC Sydney’s massive recruitment drive by

    The brand new International Convention Centre Sydney is investing $250,000 in a world-class staff development program for its operational workforce, and has announced an education partnership with TAFE NSW – Sydney Institute. In addition to its L&D initiatives, ICC Sydney is preparing to launch a significant recruitment drive. Mathew Paine, director of human resources at ICC Sydney, tells HCTV how the organisation plans to fill the 1,500 casual and 300 full-time roles ahead of the December opening.

  • Unlimited annual leave arrives in Australia by Miklos Bolza

    The firm's founder talks about how this policy works both within the company and in Australia’s employment law framework

  • Is your workplace an adult day care? by Miklos Bolza

    Are your managers babysitting your staff? One leadership coach discusses how to bring more self-leadership skills into the workplace

  • Robo-recruiting: The rise of video interviews by Lucy Hook

    More and more firms are seeing the benefits of video interviewing, which can save on time and resources

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