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  • Recession aftermath skills for managers cited as main priority by

    Nearly seven in 10 HR professionals have identified a “huge need” to ensure managers have the skills to manage the aftermath of the recession.

  • Making the return to OZ by

    I am an HR professional who has recently decided to move back to Australia from overseas after eight years. What practical advice can you suggest for embarking on a job hunt? I am worried things have changed quite a bit and that I will struggle to generate enough credibility at an interview

  • Where HR meets technology by

    A growing emphasis on technology in a highly connected world means that the role of the HR professional is also evolving. In what ways is it changing and what competencies are required from an HR professional to get the most out of HR technology?

  • Employers urged to take advantage of recruitment surge by

    Employers and candidates have been advised to make the most of the traditionally strong January recruitment market.

  • HR's report card 2009: working hard and showing improvement by

    Everybody knew that 2009 was going to be grim, but did HR rise to the challenges posed?

  • Mounties head of HR to hang up HR boots by

    The Head of HR of Mounties, Jodi Dickson, has announced she is leaving the company after 10 years of service to pursue a legal career.

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