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  • Centralised HR causing concern among jobseekers by

    The relocation of HR functions is causing concern among jobseekers despite a significant return of confidence to the HR and safety job market.

  • High hopes for post-GFC pay rises: a challenge for HR professionals by

    With the GFC storm navigated on these shores, employees and jobseekers are now looking forward to a nice pay rise after months of inaction. But Australian employers aren’t quite ready to boost remuneration budgets to pre-GFC levels. Derek Berry, principal, human capital at Mercer, discusses the challenges this brings

  • SAS – working the good life by Iain Hopkins

    From free M&M’s 26 years ago to a world-renowned employee benefits system – SAS has pipped Google as the World’s Best Employer in Fortune magazine. Tom Washington speaks to ANZ managing director Gordon Clubb and HR director Brendan Gregor about how the region’s company values and employment practices have transformed the business

  • Riskiest employment locations revealed by

    Toronto is the lowest risk city in the world to recruit, employ and relocate employees while Melbourne – Australia’s top city - ranks at number 15, according to new research by Aon Consulting.

  • Jobseekers look to social media by

    A growing number of jobseekers are using social media to find their next job, while recruitment consultants remain the number one resource.

  • Atlassian boosts job applications by 300 per cent by

    Software firm Atlassian increased job applications by 300 per cent as a result of its ‘Atlassian 32’ recruitment campaign this year.

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