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  • Five lessons for recruiting by HCA

    On the lookout for new talent to join your team? New research has revealed five key insights that can help your recruitment process.

  • Demand for HR professionals on the rise – time for a change? by Cameron Edmond

    Staff movement is creating vacancies in the HR profession. Here are some of the hot areas dissatisfied HR professionals might want to look at moving into.

  • New service for recruiting interim executives by Cameron Edmond

    A new online service seeks to streamline the process of recruiting interim executives – what is its relevance in today’s recruitment climate?

  • 10 tips for choosing the right Recruitment Software by

    Choosing the right Recruitment Software can be stressful because the wrong decision could cost the organization lots of money, it’s a long term one and there is personal reputation on the line.

  • Reinventing the workforce by HCA

    Work is changing. The new workforce is multi-generational, multi-cultural, geographically-exposed, location-agnostic and device-independent. Employees are the new consumers, requiring more than good benefits and an annual performance review. They need the right tools to succeed, the necessary development to grow over time and a teamwork driven environment.

  • “Traumatic”: Company asks applicants how many ‘stillborns’ they’ve had by Cameron Edmond

    A renowned international company has come under fire after asking a number of traumatic ‘reproductive’ questions on its applications.

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