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  • Stagnate and die: Investing in innovation by

    Innovation is a buzz word in business circles – and now employees are expecting it from employers. New research has revealed why employees are revolting against stagnating organisations.

  • HR Summit 2013: Super Saver ends this Friday by HCA

    This is your last chance to register at the Super Saver rate for the HR Summit events coming up in Perth and Melbourne.

  • Measuring quality of hire might be your ticket to better recruitment by Cameron Edmond

    Getting the recruitment process right is a no-brainer when it comes to ensuring success, but if it is so obvious, why do so many HR practitioners still get it wrong? The answer might lie in your recruitment review.

  • Air NZ accused of tattoo ‘double standard’ by Rose Sneyd

    Air New Zealand has been accused of dashing the dreams of a young mother who wanted to become an air hostess, terminating her interview on the discovery of her ta moko.

  • Are things really getting any better? by

    Tammy Tansley asks when employers will get a bit smarter and stop viewing everyone through the 'working full time = working hard = organisation commitment' lens?

  • HR and Recruitment: It's time to get talking by HCA

    The future of HR and recruitment must involve better conversations around how HR and recruiters can work together to achieve the best possible talent outcomes. This week on HCTV we talk to Ciaran Foley of Frazer Jones for his insights.

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