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  • Influencing people to change by External

    Change in an organisation never occurs without change in its people. Kevin Dwyer outlines how to achieve this elusive outcome and offers a free personalised report and consultation for those who take part in a change management survey.

  • Psychometric testing: Time for a reality check by Cameron Edmond

    Employers that favour psychometric testing over other recruitment methods may be missing out on some of their top talent, one expert says.

  • ‘Googleise’ your careers page to bolster applications! by

    “Across all industries, job-seekers are turning to Google rather than their favorite sites. Now, 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine (

  • Labour Market Testing Update by External

    On the last sitting day before the federal election was called, the Australian Parliament passed a raft of changes to the 457 program. Of all the changes introduced by the Migration Amendment (Temporary Sponsored Visas) Act 2013 (Amending Act), the one of principal concern to the business community is the introduction of Labour Market Testing (LMT). The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) advises this is likely to start in November 2013.

  • Uncharted territory: HR IN THE SOCIAL ERA by External

    Jim Lefever outlines why the shift away from Industrial Age thinking cannot be ignored – and why the new ‘Social Era’ means HR must tap into the power of community

  • Adapt or Die: How to Stay Relevant by External

    Why do some organisations adapt and thrive while others fade away and disappear? Michael McQueen provides his tips for ensuring your employer brand – and your organisation as a whole – stays ahead of the wave of change

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