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  • New short term work visa by

    On 13 March 2013, the Government announced the introduction of the new temporary work (short stay activity) visa (subclass 400) which came into effect on 23 March. The visa is specifically designed to permit short term work, and will replace the subclass 456 visa and its electronic equivalents, the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) and evisitor.

  • Improve the outlook for disabled workers by Stephanie Zillman

    According to new research, there are more Australians with a physical or intellectual disability involved in the workforce than ever before.

  • Embracing mobile technology doesn’t have to be risky by Philip McKibbin

    The use of mobile IT devices carries significant risk for most organisations; but shutting the door on them and the potential benefits might be even riskier.

  • Evolving workplace, evolving risks by CRI

    What is being done to prepare Australia for this impending telework trend, and how can the risks to employers and employees alike be reduced?

  • Joining the dots: Proactive workforce management by

    Your workforce is an asset – but do you have a strategy for your investment? Marc Havercroft investigates.

  • Why strategy, not technology, will take top spot for HR investment in 2013 by

    The year 2013 may see HR professionals turn their attention to 'strategic enablement': in other words, working out how to use technology to improve performance. Marc Havercroft believes a back to basics approach is on the cards.

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