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  • Five key points that could make or break your business trip by

    ​In our global economy, it’s become more common for employees to travel overseas for business. Business travel by its very nature tends to be urgent and short term, which means that important pre-departure considerations can easily be overlooked. Entry into some countries requires an appropriate visa and in some circumstances certain types of visas have become more difficult to obtain. At the same time, immigration authorities are increasingly scrutinising the use of business visas.

  • More than money needed to lure regional workers by Human Capital

    Moving workers to regions with lots of job vacancies is an important part of the labour market. So what does it take to get candidates to move for work? The answer may surprise you.

  • So what happens when the HR director is the office bully? by Human Capital

    A lawsuit – that’s what Deloitte is discovering after allegedly failing to keep a rogue talent director in check

  • Study forecasts 'unprecedented mobility' for female employees by Juliette Willow

    HR departments are being urged to develop gender-specific career development plans following the results of a survey of business women

  • Pitch for the pay rise you deserve by Human Capital

    Are HR professionals so busy looking after other people’s pay that they don’t look after their own? HC reveals how to ask for the raise you deserve

  • 10 trends reshaping the future of HR by Tammy Buckley

    The workforce environment is constantly changing but what impact will it have on the HR department?

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