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  • Pitch for the pay rise you deserve by Human Capital

    Are HR professionals so busy looking after other people’s pay that they don’t look after their own? HC reveals how to ask for the raise you deserve

  • 10 trends reshaping the future of HR by Tammy Buckley

    The workforce environment is constantly changing but what impact will it have on the HR department?

  • 457: Management and compliance by

    Rebecca Macmillan of global migration firm Stirling Henry and Deloitte's Alec Bashinsky explain how recent 457 changes have impacted HR and what employers and visa holders alike can do to ensure they remain compliant.

  • Accommodation calculator: Useful for HR? by Cameron Edmond

    ECA International has launched a tool to aid HR in housing mobile talent. Is it worth a place in the budget?

  • Five minutes with... Alec Bashinsky by HCA

    Alec Bashinsky, national partner for People and Performance at professional services firm Deloitte spends five minutes with HC.

  • How technology is shaping modern learning by External

    The use of technology in learning has become, well, complicated. TP3 spoke with three learning digerati about the latest learning technologies: how they’re deployed, how they affect the role of L&D departments, and what innovative technologies await the learning professional.

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