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  • HR Summit Brisbane: 2017 program launched by HRD

    HR experts from Domino’s Pizza, Star Entertainment Group and Village Roadshow Theme Parks will share their insights

  • Becoming a millennial talent magnet by Contributor

    Some employers are still struggling to adjust their recruitment approaches to attract the best talent from what will soon be the most dominant workforce demographic

  • What stokes employees’ stress at work? by John Hilton

    This worry outranks a toxic office culture and bad managers

  • Out with the old… by External

    ​​​​​​​As performance management practices undergo transformation, HRD looks at the key trends shaping this critical aspect of people management

  • ‘I thought HR needed a shake-up - and they agreed’ by HCA

    With an appetite for transformation, Edrington HR Director Ilja Rijnen has long been an agent of change

  • Getting behind big, big data by Contributor

    The HR profession may have been slow to join the big data revolution, but now it’s available, and the insights provided by algorithms and machine learning will transform how decisions are managed and how people are engaged and managed

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