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  • Robust HR is key to business success by

    Good HR procedures are a vital factor in what makes a boutique financial planning firm profitable.

  • Human resources data must improve by

    Australian businesses desire much better human resources data than they currently have access to, according to a study conducted by Quantum Market Research and Taleo.

  • HR the key to retain restless workers by

    Employers are under increased pressure to engage and retain their employees following research that reveals one in six workers have applied for a new job in the past six months.

  • HR’s most influential – who are they? by

    Which HR director, academic, or business leader has had the biggest impact on the HR profession?

  • Networking Boot Camp by

    Not everyone has the natural ability to network, but according to our experts it’s a skill that can be learned. Nick Duffield and Sam Badcock reveal some tips to master the art of networking

  • Brand building: beyond brochures and logos by

    Law firm branding has been around for decades, writes Briana Everett, but many law firms in Australia are not getting it right.

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