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  • ​Global Perspective, Local Expertise by Iain Hopkins

    With hundreds of food, beverage, cleaning agent and personal care products in its portfolio, there’s a fair chance that you encounter at least one of Unilever’s brands every day. Iain Hopkins talks to Danielle Van Den Broek about working for one of the world’s oldest multinational companies

  • Square peg in a round hole: Are you in the wrong job? by Janie Smith

    Do you wake up feeling energised, or dreading the work day ahead? Are you in a role where you can be yourself, or do you feel like the “ugly duckling” of the profession? Here’s how to tell if you’re in the right job.

  • Management interaction the key to HR success at IKEA by Human Capital

    IKEA executives reveal the strategic business-HR partnership driving their company’s explosive growth.

  • Mental health: Walking the talk in the workplace by

    It’s seen as a sensitive subject, surrounded by stigma, but employers need to tackle mental health head-on. HC talks to an expert about how to address the issue in the workplace.

  • HR salaries: Who’s making the most money? by Janie Smith

    Find out what various HR roles are paying and which jobs are in the highest demand, according to a new salary and employment forecast.

  • HR in the spotlight: Workplace investigation errors by Caitlin Nobes

    Investigations can put the focus on HR, and any mistake could cost your organisation. HC finds out the common serious mistakes and how to avoid them.

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