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  • Four-yearly review of modern awards – time to trim the fat? by Ben Abbott

    Savvy employers are taking advantage of a rare chance to review and amend employee entitlements that can be ‘anachronistic’ and see them overpaying.

  • How to fully engage staff in 5 easy conversations by

    At best, your employees are bringing their B or C games to work; at worst, their main goal is to keep from getting fired. Kim Seeling-Smith provides some tips to ensure their 'A Game' is brought to work every day.

  • ​In Person: Anne Heyes by HRD

    From studying Shakespeare to driving signifi cant change initiatives in some of Australia’s most iconic organisations, Anne Heyes has drawn on her rich career and life experience to guide the Australian Red Cross Blood Service and its 3,800 employees through a complex transformation project. She takes stock with HRD

  • Tim Mulligan: It's a Zoo In Here by HRD

    Tim Mulligan left the hospitality industry to run the world’s largest zoological membership association. The CHRO of San Diego Zoo Global tells Jill Gregorie how he used corporate expertise to make a 3,700 plus animal sanctuary known for its people practices

  • Executive seeks $4.5m after being “harassed” out of job by Sarah Megginson

    Court documents reveal boss told pregnant executive 'a woman's IQ halves when she falls pregnant'.

  • US, Canada struggling to attract A-list talent by Sarah Megginson

    Ready and waiting fields of quality applicants no longer exist, so where are you sourcing your top-end talent?

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