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  • Maximising your employee pool potential by

    When you recognise the “flavour” of the individual employee, and prioritise your time accordingly, you position them for the highest potential for success - for themselves and for the company. Kim Seeling-Smith outlines how to identify and classify the types of his employees.

  • AHRI agreement to internationalise Australian HR by Tammy Buckley

    The Australian Human Resources Institute has moved to strengthen relations with its New Zealand and Canadian counterparts with the signing of a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding.

  • And the winner is... by Chloe Taylor

    HC announces the winner of the Movember competition.

  • HR: the David Attenboroughs of the workplace? by Chloe Taylor

    A great (non-HR) leader has the ability to manage effectively. A great HR leader must transfer these skills across the entire organisation. HC talks to Caltex HR head Simon Wilshire about the unique role of HR leaders.

  • Four-yearly review of modern awards – time to trim the fat? by Ben Abbott

    Savvy employers are taking advantage of a rare chance to review and amend employee entitlements that can be ‘anachronistic’ and see them overpaying.

  • How to fully engage staff in 5 easy conversations by

    At best, your employees are bringing their B or C games to work; at worst, their main goal is to keep from getting fired. Kim Seeling-Smith provides some tips to ensure their 'A Game' is brought to work every day.

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