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  • Counting the cost of a single bad hire by Rose Sneyd

    It’s no surprise that more than half of employers in 10 of the world’s largest economies acknowledge having made a bad hire, but the financial consequences may be very high.

  • Don't underestimate the ROI of trust in your business by Iain Hopkins

    As many organisations experience high turnover and low productivity, what can be done at a HR level? In this week's HCTV we speak to Bruce Anderson of Lee Hecht Harrison and Adrianna Loveday of Randstad about the tangible financial benefits of building trust within your organisation.

  • Lessons from Coca-Cola: centralise for efficiency by HRM

    How do you reduce costs and still ensure a consistent and high quality response to human resources issues? If you’re Coca-Cola you move all your HR management to one location and install a hotline.

  • Key steps to best practice performance feedback by Iain Hopkins

    A common dilemma HR professionals and employers face is the concern that performance management will be interpreted as bullying – how can HR safeguard against bullying claims, and satisfy the business necessity to deliver performance feedback? HCTV speaks to legal expert Joydeep Hor from People + Culture Strategies, and organisational psychologist Adrianna Loveday from Randstad.

  • Capturing your staff’s collective wisdom by Rose Sneyd

    The concept of ‘employee voice’ has taken a backseat to ‘employee engagement’ recently, but it might be time to reconsider it.

  • Consensual Relationship Agreement by Stephanie Zillman

    Cynics may label Valentine’s Day the flower industry’s annual cash cow – hopeless romantics would disagree. Whichever camp you’re from, HR can often be the unwanted ‘third party’ in office romance entanglements.

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