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  • Conducting mass layoffs the right way by Chloe Taylor

    Learn from the successes and mistakes of other companies when job cuts are impending at your organisation.

  • Post-graduate study: to fund or not to fund? by Chloe Taylor

    Should employers fund master’s degrees for their employees? HC speaks to a professor who oversees one of Australia’s most high profile post-graduate programs about the ups and downs of putting a worker through education.

  • Three company culture challenges – and how to combat them by Chloe Taylor

    Every HR practitioner knows that a good company culture is a necessity in today’s workforce. So how do you face the challenges posed to your workplace’s culture?

  • Clamp down on employee social media activity after hours by Ben Abbott

    Some recent court decisions are giving employers new confidence in pursuing concerns with employees’ after hours social media activity.

  • Tim Mulligan: It's a Zoo In Here by HRD

    Tim Mulligan left the hospitality industry to run the world’s largest zoological membership association. The CHRO of San Diego Zoo Global tells Jill Gregorie how he used corporate expertise to make a 3,700 plus animal sanctuary known for its people practices

  • How to tell if your employees hate you by Janie Smith

    Managing a team means there is bound to be the occasional conflict, but how can you tell if the problem is more than just a personality clash?

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