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  • HR lessons from the Masters wind-down by HCA

    Gillian Davie speaks at the National HR Summit in Sydney about the challenges of change management

  • More than sheer grit by HRD

    There is no quick fix for building resilience; the key is to form resilience habits. HRD chats to one leader who is helping organisations to proactively develop resilience from the top down

  • Crash and burn: HRIS rollout failures by HRD

    The shockingly high failure rate of HRIS rollouts indicates faults on the side of employers and vendors. Here’s what goes wrong, and how HR technology implementations can be improved


    Australia Post is part of Human Resources Director Innovative HR Teams 2017

  • “My father said ‘walk in and be interesting’” by HCA

    Cindy Reid, head of people & culture at Konica Minolta, explains how her HR career took off

  • HRD issue 15.01 by

    HRD looks at the biggest disruptive forces that will impact HR over the next 12 months in L&D, executive relationships, technology and leadership development

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