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  • Industry professionals flock to National HR Summit by Janie Smith

    HR directors from companies such as Google and Ikea shared their knowledge and inspiration when Sydney’s Luna Park hosted Key Media’s 12th annual National HR Summit.

  • National HR Summit 2014: Day one by HCA

    Hundreds of HR professionals are currently attending Day One of the National HR Summit at Luna Park Sydney, one of our largest events yet.

  • Opinion: Change Management: It happens from the inside out by External

    What does swapping shoes with a neighbor have to do with change management? Carol Howard, director of Black Birds Three, explains and her tips for those up to their neck in managing change.

  • TRUE GRIT: How you can build resilience to thrive in the most challenging of times by External

    Across industry, the constant and rapid pace of change, economic uncertainty, restructures, redundancies, doing more with less, demanding performance targets and competing priorities, cost pressures, increased competition, commuting, and being constantly connected or wired in - are just some of the pressures and challenges facing the leaders and employees in the modern workplace and industry today

  • Aligning all leadership levels behind change strategy by

    Daniel Lock, Principal at Daniel Lock Consulting, explains why effective change management only happens if leaders and executives at all levels are aligned.

  • Coping with being a change agent by Human Capital

    When change is afoot, it’s up to us as HR professionals to lead the charge – and protect our psyche while we’re at it.

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