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  • Do your employees have "change fatigue"? by Victoria Bruce

    Change can be exciting, but for many employees it creates anxiety, uncertainty and ultimately, fatigue.

  • How HR helped to transform Qantas by HCA

    One of Qantas’ HR heads chats to HC about the organisation’s transformation, and the role that her team has played in achieving that change.

  • Regenerating from within by External

    We’ve been hearing a lot from the government lately about innovation and disruption. But to succeed in this brave new world, companies first need to address what’s really happening behind the closed doors in their own offices, writes Tanya Perry-Iranzadi.

  • Five capabilities crucial for future CHROs by Miklos Bolza

    When it comes to developing new CHROs through your firm’s talent pipeline, what skills and abilities should HR be looking for?

  • What I learned from the HR Summit by HCA

    Joanna Bryant outlines the key points she took home from this year's HR Summit in Perth.

  • Critical steps for technology changes by Chloe Taylor

    New technology roll-outs can lead to difficult change management processes. Here’s how your organisation can be ready for the ‘Go Live’ date.

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