Alicia Thomas, Group Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Mercy Health

For the past 12 months, Alicia Thomas has re-energised Mercy Health’s health and wellbeing strategy by creating Thrive@Mercy, an online health and wellbeing hub for the staff. Covering topics such as physical and mental wellbeing, positive ageing, work-life balance and family violence, the hub houses information, tip sheets, Ted talks, exercise playlists, healthy recipes, YouTube clips, self-assessment tools, referral services, and much more – all presented on a colourful and engaging platform to keep people coming back for more. The hub has been recognised as a finalist in the 2017 Australian HR Awards for Best Health & Wellbeing Program. Within the same year, Thomas has taken Mercy Health’s Employee Assistance Program in a new direction. This has resulted in access to a significantly more holistic and proactive EAP service for the 7,500-plus staff, going beyond traditional counselling services to provide, among other things, free sessions with nutritionists, financial counsellors and other experts.