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For the past year, the people team at Aurecon have been working on a culture change project. The team utilised a design thinking methodology, partnering with internal and external clients to identify the characteristics needed for people to be considered future ready and become effective partners to clients’ businesses. This led to the creation of the Aurecon Attributes – attributes unique to Aurecon’s people that will enable the leveraging of individual strengths and formation of a collective diversity, in order to unleash true innovation within and by the group.

To effectively embed these attributes throughout the business, the team launched a series of culture campaigns, beginning with the #MyAureconAttribute campaign, which encouraged employees to post photos showcasing their main Aurecon Attribute. Another was the graduate recruitment campaign, which surveyed prospective graduates on their Aurecon Attribute of choice.

The Aurecon Attributes were also used to build a new strengths-based development platform that helped employees identify and further develop their strengths. The team’s goal is to move away from the traditional competency-based models in order to help people develop their natural talents.