Professional services

Accenture has turned a number of disruptions in the workforce into key opportunity areas for the company. With the automation trend and the continuing growth of the gig economy, not to mention the demands and challenges posed by new generations of workers, Accenture has identified the need to formulate new strategies that will enable the firm to leverage the contingent workforce, access deep technical skills, and develop true agility in its talent base.

In order to achieve talent mobility and maximise resources, the company has launched an internal digital recruitment process that allows people with possibly untapped skills to be considered for available roles. The system is also reorienting people to view work differently, shifting the mindset from long-term assignments to short tasks, while enabling employees to expand their networks, develop new skills and work in different areas. This year, Accenture is looking to create a dynamic ecosystem of talent called the Curated Crowd, which will allow real-time engagement with talent and enable seamless movement of this talent wherever it is required.