Transurban returns to the basic yet effective concept of teamwork with its L&D program. Having realised that the bulk of L&D happens on the job, the HR team came up with CoPs – Communities of Practice – which they’ve defined as “a group of people who have a common expertise, interest or passion, and want to share and expand their knowledge”. The approach is straightforward: members of these communities are encouraged to share their best practices and come up with new knowledge that they can apply to their work. These knowledge sharing forums are employee-led, thus fostering initiative and empowerment, and are properly tailored to suit specialised fields. One community can consist of employees from different areas of the business and can also include external partners. As of mid-2016, the HR team had already facilitated the development of 11 formal CoPs that covered a wide range of skillsets, including engineering, road safety, mobile apps development and intelligent transport systems.