Property development

To fulfil the company’s purpose of creating a better way to live for their communities, Stockland’s leaders have been tasked to take on an immersive training course. The leaders are placed within the context of a community for a week, and given a specific challenge to address, with the help of a group of experts in the fields of innovation, inclusion and mindfulness. The company held the first program in Maitland, NSW, where it has an ongoing redevelopment project. Apart from having the highest rate of youth unemployment within the state, Maitland is one of the centres for resettlement of Syrian refugees. With this context in mind, business leaders began a dialogue with community members on how they could help bolster the local community. Thus far, the experience of the first cohort has been a positive one, with 100% of participants eager to apply the skills in their regular roles. As a result, the leaders have become more inclined towards cross-business collaboration and are applying design thinking techniques in their work.