After receiving the results of its engagement survey in 2015, the team at Siemens went on to conduct employee workshops across the country, and managed to identify three recurring topics that needed to be addressed: wellbeing, operational excellence and collaboration. Subsequently, a culture change program called Open Circuit was designed, with content and delivery based on a behavioural science concept and framework. The program also includes a platform that allows the leaders to gather together and collaborate more efficiently. This has created what the team describes as the Open Circuit Effect, characterised by a significant amount of knowledge sharing and collaboration among employees and leaders alike.
Not only did the program benefit the leaders, their learnings have also trickled down to their teams, with the following results for the three key topics previously identified:

Operational excellence – everyone’s business
3 out of 4 leaders proactively review internal processes
70% of leaders have changed their belief on tackling problems

Wellbeing – a priority
90% increase (average) in awareness on impact of lifestyle choices
75% of leaders actively schedule time to focus on wellbeing

Collaboration – a culture (not a tool)
75% now consider including people from other divisions on their projects
94% increase in strength of connections among leaders