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How much impact does constant change have on staff? RACQ’s HR team has responded to this query by developing a comprehensive impact assessment tool. The tool originated from the pressure of managing several project portfolios simultaneously – a challenge the HR team likened to “having many aeroplanes in the air and only one runway upon which they can land”. The objective of the portfolio assessment tool is to ensure the organisation can deftly handle the pressures of modern-day workload expectations. As no off-the-shelf programs were available, the team created its own tool in-house. The new Portfolio Change Impact Assessment requires quarterly collection of data on forecasted change impact at the project level. The report generated also provides a consolidated enterprise-level view of the business and is based on a shared change impact framework. Finally, the data collected is validated by representatives of key business units, with a feedback loop for project managers. In 2016, nearly 60 projects worth over $50m were assessed using the Portfolio Change Impact Assessment.